Full Arch Implant Bridges

Full Arch and Full Mouth

For people with no natural teeth remaining in one or both jaws (arches), we can now reconstruct a full set of fixed teeth with as few as 4 implants in each jaw. An amazing advance in dental technology.

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The replacement of a full set of teeth with implants is probably the most challenging and complex treatment undertaken by Implant Surgeons, so be sure to choose your clinic and surgeon carefully. Many clinics complete only a few implants each year, but at Dental Implant Solutions, our passion is providing purely implant based treatments to the highest possible standards.

Careful planning and assessment is the key to a successful treatment outcome. We will listen very carefully to your needs and aspirations, thoroughly assess your dental and medical condition and embark upon a meticulous process of treatment planning utilising 'state of the art' imaging technology, digital planning and engaging the whole implant team to ensure that we exceed your treatment expectations and provide a professional and high quality experience.

Several techniques can be considered when planning to replace a full set of teeth:

  1. 'All on 4' utilises four long implants placed at specific sites in the jaw to support a full arch of fixed teeth
  2. A bar retained bridge can be used to provide excellent stability for a full arch of teeth, with the advantage that the bridge can be removed for cleaning
  3. Multiple small bridges can be used adjacent to each other to fully reconstruct a full jaw of teeth

The technique most suitable for you will depend on the amount and position of bone available, together with your expectations and budget.

For all the above solutions, careful planning and thorough assessment are essential prerequisites.


  • Full jaw (arch) of missing teeth


  • Thorough planning and one of the following:
  • All on 4
  • Bar retained removeable bridge
  • Multiple fixed bridges

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