Dental Implants for Dentures

Loose or uncomfortable dentures? Concerned your dentures may embarrass you?

Partial or Full dentures can be uncomfortable, irritating and embarrassing. Many people struggle to chew comfortably and even say that their self confidence has been undermined by wearing a denture.

This no longer needs to be the case! With advances in Implant Dentistry, we now have many innovative techniques for either stabilising dentures or completely replacing the need to wear a denture.

From the cost effective use of mini-implants for stabilising an existing denture, to the complete replacement of a denture with fixed implant supported teeth, dental implants can transform your comfort, self - esteem and self - confidence.

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Wearing dentures can be challenging both to your dental function and your self-esteem. Many people do not realise that as few as two implants can bring unimaginable improvements to their quality of life.

Implants can be placed where sufficient bone is available and once integrated into the jaw, small retaining elements similar to a 'press stud' (Locator attachments) are attached to the implant and used to retain a new denture. The transformation is incredible.

For a more cost effective solution, in some cases, 'mini- implants' can be used to retain an existing denture. This involves simpler surgery and 'modification' of the existing denture to incorporate the retaining elements.

Using an implant supported denture to replace multiple teeth has the advantages that:

  1. Chewing function is improved - the denture is much more stable - reduced risk of digestive problems
  2. No more concerns about embarrassing situations when a conventional denture may drop - improved self confidence
  3. Better support for facial tissues - giving a more 'youthful' appearance
  4. No need for unpleasant denture adhesives or pastes
  5. The denture can be removed to ease cleaning around the implants


  • Loose, uncomfortable or poorly fitting dentures
  • Dislike using denture adhesives or pastes
  • Several or all natural teeth missing
  • Low self-esteem due to lack of confidence in denture stability


  • Implant supported full or partial denture
  • Stabilisation of current denture with mini-implants

Dental Implants for Dentures Testimonial

Mr B had struggled for many years with an unstable and poorly functioning partial denture, he thought that he had no alternative but to use denture adhesive for the rest of his life.

Mr B had recently heard about dental implants, and came to the practice for a consultation and advice about whether he was a suitable candidate.

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