Our Range of Specialist Dental Solutions

Periodontics & Periodontal Treatment

Periodontitis is a bacterial infection caused by the build-up on bacteria in and around the tooth and root surfaces. If this build up is not removed, then there can be loss of the supporting structures of the tooth which can eventually lead to the loss of the tooth. The anatomy of a tooth is complex with different areas on the tooth and root surface, all these areas provide a haven for the bacteria to build up on and eventually lead to the progression of the disease.

Prosthodontics - Restorative Dentistry

Prosthodontics offers a number of valuable aesthetic outcomes within restoration and replacement of missing teeth. Typically, prosthodontics dentistry will focus on; replacing teeth with dentures, bridges, dental implants, restoring broken down teeth, management of tooth-wear and rehabilitation of a broken down dentition.

Teeth in a day

Modern advances in digital technology have allowed us to develop shortened treatment pathways for those patients with busy lifestyles. The number of appointments is significantly reduced compared to traditional implant treatments and the need to wear interim dentures is eliminated.

Endodontics & Root Canal Treatment

Endodontists deal with disease of the dental pulp and supporting structures, often associated with temperature sensitivity and pain. As well as diagnosing causes of facial and tooth pain, endodontists perform root canal treatments and other procedures specifically relating to the interior of the tooth. Endodontistry focuses on relieving the pain caused by a diseased tooth, and often saving that tooth through endodontic treatment.