FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice, Thame

Dental Implants and Dental Solutions in Thame

A family focused Dental Clinic, Fitzgerald & Associates Dental Practice provide a comprehensive range of dental care services to Thame and the surrounding area. We have been working with Fitzgerald & Associates for a number of years, helping them offer their Thame based patients specialist Dental Implant procedures. We are currently accepting referrals for a wide range of specialist Dental Implant solutions including teeth in a day and bone grafting. You may be referred for particularly complex procedures or for more standard procedures such as single tooth implants.

“The team at FitzGerald & Associates Dental Practice pride themselves in offering a friendly and welcoming environment with a wide range of family dental care. We are proud to associate ourselves with such a professional team who are always ready to work closely with us to ensure the best care for our patients.

Dr Liam Fitzgerald, Dr Chris Marston and Dr Elizabeth Hipwell”

Fitzgerald & Associates’ are an independent dental practice in Thame, with a strong focus on tooth whitening and natural coloured tooth restoration. These services fit well alongside our own Dental Implant offering for patients wishing to improve both the health and aesthetics of their smile.

Being referred from Fitzgerald & Associates Dental Practice

If your Dental practitioner at Fitzgerald & Associates believes that you may benefit from a Dental Implant procedure they may refer you to us.

If you are considering a dental implant treatment and have been referred to us, we will provide an initial one to one consultation with one of our implant surgeons.

This complimentary appointment includes a comprehensive clinical examination and will take approximately 30 minutes. Any x-rays required are included (excluding CT Scans). We will then provide you with an outline of the best course of action, its stages and associated fees.

In addition to referrals from the Thame team, you can also contact us directly to request an appointment or if you need any further information.

Once you have decided in principle that you would like an implant solution, a fully costed individual plan for your treatment will be given.

What Specialist Dental Solutions might you be referred for?

We are able to offer Thame patients a variety of specialist dental services. Some of the specific treatments you may be referred for are:

Dental Implant Solutions for Thame Patients

  • Single or multiple tooth replacements
  • Implant-retained dentures
  • Complex cases
  • Bone augmentation (grafting)
  • Treatment of Peri-Implantitis
  • Full arch restoration

Other Specialist Dental Solutions for Thame Patients

  • Teeth in a day
  • Prosthodontics - Restorative Dentistry