Dental Implants For Dentures

"You will never need to worry about using unpleasant denture adhesives again"

"I'm delighted with the treatment and care I received as well as the end result. All stages of the treatment were explained very clearly and the aftercare has been excellent."

P Baker

Stabilise existing dentures or completely replace the need to wear one

Dentures can be uncomfortable, irritating and even embarrassing for some people. They might struggle chewing comfortably, don’t like the feeling of the plate in their mouth or dislike using sticky adhesive to keep them in place.

Thanks to advances in Implant Dentistry, we now have innovative techniques to secure dentures or completely replace the need to wear them by using implants to allow the dentures to clip into place. The transformation can be incredible.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option that will keep your current dentures secure then mini-implants can sometimes be used to keep things in place.

If you don’t like wearing a denture, then we can assess your jaw for adequate bone volume and feasibility for fixed implant solution.

Implant Supported Dentures mean no more embarrassing situations when your denture drops and are even a better support for facial tissues - giving a more youthful appearance.

Dentures group shot

The benefits of choosing dental implants for dentures

  • Chewing function is improved - the denture is much more stable - reduced risk of digestive problems
  • No more concerns about embarrassing situations when a conventional denture may drop - improved self confidence
  • Better support for facial tissues - giving a more 'youthful' appearance
  • No need for unpleasant denture adhesives or pastes
  • The denture can be removed to ease cleaning around the implants

"Mr B had struggled for many years with an unstable and poorly functioning partial denture, he thought that he had no alternative but to use denture adhesive for the rest of his life. After hearing about dental implants, he came to the practice for a consultation and advice about whether he was a suitable candidate"

The Process

We work to a carefully structured sequence of treatment stages to ensure you understand and feel confident in the whole process. To see how that process works, click here.


Prices for Dental Implants for Dentures start from £6950 or £144.74 p/m

*Finance options T&Cs apply. Use our online calculator for a representative example.

We offer our patients a flexible way to pay for their treatment using our Audley Dental Finance Scheme. This breaks the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments.

Having your dental implants placed at Audley Dental Solutions with our expert team means you can benefit from a 5-year guarantee. The guarantee will be fully explained on an individual basis and provided in a consent document for patients.

Despite lasting longer, and being easier to maintain, the cost of dental implants is actually not much more than you would pay for more conventional dental treatments, such as dentures and bridges. So, it actually works out to be far more cost-effective in the long run.

In addition to the upfront dental implant cost, you also need to consider aftercare. However, as long as you look after your dental implant with proper cleaning, and attend all follow-up checks, you won’t actually need to spend much more to keep your implants healthy.

Another thing to consider is the difference that a dental implant will make to your life, and weighing up what that will be worth to you in terms of monetary value. We have received plenty of feedback to say how dental implants have improved people’s lives – it’s hard to put a price on that feeling.

Our fees reflect the level of service and care we give to our patients. We guarantee to use the most advanced methods for planning your surgery, to use our extensive surgical expertise and to employ only the best materials and products to provide you with high quality, predictable solutions.

Free 15 minute telephone consultation

So that you don't 'waste' any money from the outset, we offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation  consultation with Jane Bower our Implant Co-ordinator who will explain the process and various fees involved.

After this initial assessment and should you wish to proceed, we will arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Dental Surgeons. The cost of this consultation is £95 and includes x-rays if required. (NB: this does not include CBCT Scans)

Why choose Audley Dental Solutions for your dental implant bridge?

Our team of Dental Implant Surgeons, Registered Specialist Dentists, Dental Nurses and Hygienists are all highly qualified and experienced in these procedures.

In fact, between them they have placed over 3000 implants with a success rate of 99%.

Audley Dental Solutions Founder and Principal Dentist, Dr Chris Wood, is one of the foremost Dental Implant Surgeons in the UK. Working alongside Chris, Dr Martina Pirklova is a highly sought-after Dental Implant Surgeon who gained her Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons.

Our state of the art practice based just outside of Bicester in the beautiful village of Stratton Audley is equipped with the latest technology, including a cutting-edge Dental CT scanner.

Patient care is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal as a dental practice is to deliver a high level of expertise, compassion and care alongside getting you the results from treatment that you want. Our patients, many of whom have been visiting us for years, tell us that’s why they wouldn’t go anywhere else.