Single Tooth Implants

Missing a Single Tooth?

A dental implant is the most natural, predictable and functionally stable method of replacing a single missing tooth.

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A tooth may have been lost due to infection, tooth decay, failed treatment, gum disease, or may have been missing from birth. Sometimes a tooth may need to be replaced for cosmetic reasons.

A single implant supported crown provides the most natural appearance and function of all methods of tooth replacement. The dental implant allows you to eat, laugh and smile naturally.

The treatment is simple and the procedures are very minor when carried out by an experienced implant surgeon.

None of the disadvantages of alternative methods of tooth replacement: no need to damage adjacent teeth to fit a bridge, no loose and uncomfortable denture.

'My new teeth have given me a new lease of life, I can't stop smiling!' - E. Markovska


  • Tooth lost due to infection, failed treatment, tooth decay, or gum disease
  • Tooth missing from birth
  • Accidental loss of tooth due to sports injury or trauma


  • A Dental Implant provides the most natural and functionally stable tooth replacement
  • No need to damage adjacent teeth
  • No need to 'tolerate' a loose or uncomfortable denture
  • Predictable long term success

Single Tooth Implants Testimonial

Mr D was unfortunate enough to have an accident which resulted in the loss of a front tooth.

Following his accident, Mr D was provided with a partial denture. He struggled with speaking which had a significant impact on his confidence.

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