Dental Implant Bridges

Several missing teeth? Trouble chewing effectively?

If you have just lost another molar tooth and you are concerned about your chewing effectiveness, or you have been unfortunate enough to have had an accident and lost or damaged some of your front teeth, then an Implant supported bridge could be the ideal answer for you. Two or more implants can be used to support several fixed teeth. Implant supported bridges are frequently used to improve chewing function, where several molar teeth have been lost or to replace front teeth lost in an accident. No need to wear an uncomfortable denture.

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If you have lost one chewing tooth, you may feel that you can adapt to the new situation. If you lose a second adjacent chewing tooth, your bite will feel significantly compromised and you will inevitably start to chew more on your front teeth. The loss of adjacent molar (chewing teeth) can result in 'chewing overload' of remaining teeth and ultimately lead to their premature failure.

A familiar scenario? An implant supported bridge, may well be the ideal solution for restoring balance to your chewing function and protecting remaining teeth.

Each missing tooth does not necessarily require an individual implant to replace it. Often a more stable and cost effective approach is to place an implant at either end of the 'tooth gap' and bridge across the implants. By this means, chewing function can be restored with a minimum number of implants.

The same technique can often be employed when people have had the misfortune to have an accident or trauma damaging a number of front teeth.

'The next best thing to your natural teeth.' - F.Hart

For anyone with missing or failing teeth, dental implants can totally restore natural oral function, appearance and confidence.


  • Several adjacent missing teeth?
  • Difficulty chewing effectively?
  • Concerned about 'overloading' remaining teeth?
  • An accident has damaged several front teeth?


  • An implant supported bridge looks, feels and functions like natural teeth
  • Restores natural chewing movements, prevents 'overloading' remaining teeth
  • Fixed in place, no need to remove to clean
  • Most predictable long term outcome, with highest success rates

Dental Implant Bridges Testimonial

Mrs J’s existing bridge was beginning to feel loose so she visited her dentist. Her dentist explained that the teeth that supported the bridge were failing. Her options were to renew the bridge or replace it with an implant supported bridge.

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