Our Range of Teeth Implant Services

Single Tooth Implants | Dental Implant Solutions
Single Tooth Implants

A dental implant is the 'state of the art' replacement for a single missing tooth. It will look, feel and function like a natural tooth without any of the disadvantages of a denture or bridge.

Dental Implant Bridges | Dental Implant Solutions
Dental Implant Bridges

It is not necessary to have an implant to support every missing tooth. Implants work exceptionally well when placed at either end of a gap where several teeth are missing. A bridge can then be fitted over the implants to restore natural chewing function.

Dental Implants for Dentures | Dental Implant Solutions
Dental Implants for Dentures

Many people struggle with loose, uncomfortable and embarrassing dentures. As few as two implants (sometimes 'mini-implants') can be used to stabilise a denture and transform a persons quality of life and confidence. This form of implant treatment can be very affordable and provide amazing patient satisfaction

Full Arch Implant Bridges | Dental Implant Solutions
Full Arch Implant Bridges

A full set of teeth can be replaced using as few as 4 implants.Modern implant techniques using digital and new technological advances can provide outstanding results for people with no natural teeth. Even when teeth have been missing for many years we now have predictable methods for reconstructing lost bone, which is required for implant solutions.

Teeth in a day | Dental Implant Solutions
Teeth in a day

Modern advances in digital technology have allowed us to develop shortened treatment pathways for those patients with busy lifestyles. The number of appointments is significantly reduced compared to traditional implant treatments and the need to wear interim dentures is eliminated.

The procedure can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth being replaced all at once, including a full set of teeth.

Bone Grafting | Dental Implant Solutions
Bone Grafting

Bone grafting or ‘augmentation’, is the technique used to re-build bone that has been lost from the structure of the jaw.
Dental implants only function well for the long term when completely submerged and surrounded by healthy bone. This procedure has now become so highly technically advanced that it can be deployed on many patients who previously may not have benefited from the 'life changing' improvements which dental implants can provide.