To achieve our aim of finding the best ways to support the general dental practitioner, we have developed various resources over the years and have categorised them below. If you need any further support in discussions with your patients or treatment planning decisions, please contact us to request any further information.

Tutorials and resources for patients

Selection of resources designed to support our colleagues and partners in their treatment planning discussions with patients, providing current, evidence based information about dental implant treatments.

Dental implant patient suitability

This document covers the contra-indications to implant therapy as part of the general and dental health of the patient and what is the best practice with failing teeth.


Bone grafting techniques

The two bone grafting techniques that have been used at our practice with great success are described in more detail here. This document is also suitable for patients who would like to know more about the procedures.


Implant maintenance and monitoring protocol

As described this document outlines the maintenance and monitoring protocol we adhere to following the completion of an implant restoration.


The implant treatment pathway

A short overview of the implant placement process for the patient starting from the consultation to the post placement review with timelines for the dentist for each stage.


Treatment options

This document is a useful tool for our colleagues to use when describing to the patient what a dental implant is, it’s functionality in replacing one, several or all missing teeth and what other treatment options are available to them.


Study Groups Events

Our Study Group events held in informal settings at Weston-on-the Green, are hosted with the intention of sharing our knowledge of implant restorative techniques with those who are keen to develop a new skill set. Each event usually offers for discussion several current topics of interest to general dental practitioners and implantologists alike.

The Endo Vs Impant Debate

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At this event we covered two latest techiques in the world of dental implants a) treatment for peri-implant disease, using Perio Flow implant surface debridement b) immediate loading techniques using Intra-oral Welding! Both used at our practice! The second half of the evening was dominated by a very interesting 'Endodontic Vs Implant' debate’!

Video tutorials

This section of short video tutorials covers implant restorative techniques for a range of implant / prosthetic solutions. The length of the videos range between 2-3 min and are usually shortened versions of longer procedures.

Industry News

We certainly like to keep up to speed with new developments and the latest technology available to improve patient treatment outcomes and pain and hustle free customer journey. We will aim to make latest industry news available in this section as soon as possible and hope to be able to support our colleagues by providing further information on request.

Your role in the management of Periodontal Disease

Dr Rachel Manning, our Specialist Periodontist’ has written an informative article for General Dentists on the management of periodontal disease.


Modern Advancements in Dental Implantology: Digital Imaging

Today I attended the Association of Dental Implantology Focus Meeting : Focus on Digital Implant Dentistry: The Present – The Future. The course covered how best to use Digital Technology to optimise the implant treatment work flow and make the treatment pathway safer, more pleasant, quicker and therefore cheaper for the patient, with the aim of bringing predictable implant solutions to a wider public.


LODI Implants 'The Locator Overdenture Implant'

Zest Anchors have recently launched a cost effective and time saving treatment resulting in the unquestionable benefits of denture stability.