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3 reasons why dental implant bridges are better than dentures
When you have lost some of your teeth it can cause practical problems, such as making it harder to chew, as well as causing confidence issues, making you feel self-conscious when talking...
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The dental implant procedure
The dental implant procedure is made up of a number of stages, which will result in the patient having a natural looking tooth where they used to have a...
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More about our teeth in a day procedure
At Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions, we use a process referred to as ‘teeth in a day’. We are now able to provide our patients with an innovative technique that allows...
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Using implants to stabilise dentures
Do you lack self- confidence because of loose dentures? Dental implants could be the solution for you! Many denture wearers often complain of discomfort when eating and chewing, as they feel their dentures are...
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Why you should have your dental implants fitted in the UK
In March last year we published a blog called ‘Why dental implants in the UK and not abroad?’ We briefly covered the main reasons why patients should be having their dental implants...
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What is a dental Implant bridge?
People are often nervous about the thought of a dental implant bridge and what the process entails. We can assure you they are a safe and very effective treatment. A dental implant...
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Dental Implants… Ouch?
Dental implants can make dramatic changes to peoples’ lives. But, even though they might have heard of them, we know that people can be afraid to get in touch and take the...
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The benefits of having a single tooth Implant
If you have lost a tooth due to a sports injury, oral health complications or gum disease, a single tooth implant could be the best solution for you. The implant is designed...
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Providing dental implants in Oxfordshire and beyond
Over the last decade Chris has worked hard to build relationships with local dentists, and has shared the high quality and standard of his dental implant knowledge. The mutual respect and close...
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Frustrated with loose dentures?
Frustrated with loose dentures? Come along to our free informative evening at Littlebury hotel on 13/10 at 6pm to find out how dental implants can be used to stabilise your dentures and...
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