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We've updated our YouTube channel

Saturday, July 28, 2018 Chris Wood

You may remember a while ago we posted a series of patient testimonials on our YouTube channel, to showcase how our services have changed lives.

We have recently re-launched our YouTube presence with some professionally produced videos of treatment solutions showing ‘same day smile – Weld One’ procedures, plus a Botiss Bone Builder procedure, focussed predominantly at you the clinician to give you back ground insight into the range of treatment solutions that we can offer, especially with the more challenging cases in mind where you may initially feel an implant solution is not feasible.

We hope this will mean that as a clinician you can see clearly how we work on certain procedures, to keep you as informed as possible. Please do head over to our YouTube channel and have a look at what we've produced. 

Introducing 'Teeth in a Day' with Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions: