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​Our new Implant System – Introducing Axiom by Anthogyr

Thursday, August 16, 2018 Chris Wood

To compliment our development in the sphere of digital dentistry, we are moving forward with a new implant provider which has the future in mind but with an historical pedigree. Axiom by Anthogyr takes all of the current benefits of our current implant system in terms of biological tissue maintenance and simplicity of prosthetics and adds new innovations to minimise the risk of peri-implant disease and to aide our progression towards a digital workflow. Axiom enables Cad/Cam bespoke prosthetics in all materials for improved aesthetic outcome, plus serenity warranty on all parts.

We will be talking with you all individually about the new system and its benefits and how we can potentially engage with you to provide the best possible prosthetic outcomes for your patients. In the meantime, I’m sure you will find the following video link interesting: