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Our new 3 Shape Trios Scanner

Thursday, July 19, 2018 Chris Wood

We spent some considerable time researching and deliberating on which scanner to build into our practice workflow. Over a period of about 9 months, we had several companies in to demonstrate their scanners. We narrowed it down to just three providers and ultimately the quality of the product and the ease of use combined with excellent reviews in the literature led us to the 3 Shape Trios scanner.

We're not quite as slick as this video might suggest...just yet!

We’ve had it in the practice now for about 3 months and we are routinely using it with scan flags to take fixture head scans for single teeth and short span bridges, plus of course study models and diagnostic stents. The results are impressive. Naturally, there are a few tips and tricks to learn and we are working closely with our lab: Morrison Aesthetic Restorations to ensure a smooth workflow for our patients.

3 Shape Trios Scanner

This is just one element of our mission to always be at the forefront of new digital technologies where dental implants are concerned, to provide the most efficient and modern methods to our patients at all times.