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Customer Journey stream lined with acquisition of Gendex DP700 CBCT Digital scanner

Monday, March 09, 2015 Chris Wood

Chris Wood Dental Implants are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Gendex DP700 CBCT scanner.

The scanner offers a flexible user friendly solution to creating high quality 3D or 2D images of a patient's mouth. These images allow virtual planning of implant surgery making the outcomes safer and more predictable.

Previously these scans would be outsourced, which meant our patients travelling to Oxford and waiting about a week for the results. We can now do this in house and give the patient their results immediately.

The scanner offers increased flexibility and power to capture incredible detailed images of either a patient’s whole mouth, or just a section of the mouth. The scanner can essentially act as a microscope, offering virtual models that can be inspected from any angle, clearly mapping out how the work should be done and offering insight into any complications that may occur. This also allows us to digitally pre-place implants to assure proper support.

Increased investment in technology and digital workflow

The acquisition comes as part of our increased investment in new technology and digital workflow. Digital work flow has been growing in significance for all types of dentistry, offering new insights and creating a much more efficient, and replicable process. All this leads to fewer appointments, shorter appointments, less anesthesia, and better outcomes for clients.

By Investing in this new technology, the training that is available, and developing new processes, Chris Wood is aiming to provide a cutting edge experience for patients whilst adhering to the highest standards of dental implantology.

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