Dental Implant Procedure

A carefully structured sequence of treatment stages helps understanding and confidence in the process.

A structured sequence of treatment stages helps you feel confident and comfortable with the progression of your treatment and aids understanding of the procedures involved in providing you with a high quality implant solution.

The Process - Free Consultation

Whether you are referred by your own dentist, by a friend or colleague, or simply decide yourself that you would like to know more about how dental implants could benefit you, the first stage is to arrange your free consultation.

The Process - Sustainability

We will carefully listen to your concerns and your wishes, then thoroughly assess your dental health and suitable treatment alternatives and explain to you in a clear and concise manner the benefits which an implant solution could bring you. The first meeting will be a fact finding session allowing you to gather the information to make an informed choice and allowing us to gather the information we need to advise you correctly.

The Process - Define Treatment Plan

Before a final decision is made about the type of treatment most suitable for you, it is often necessary to gather more detailed information in the form of xrays, models, tooth mock ups and sometimes CT scans. We will apply our expertise together with the most modern 'in house' imaging technology to ensure that your implant solution works well and looks good for many years. Meticulous planning ensures a smooth treatment progression and a positive outcome.

The Process - Fixed Quote

Together, we will formulate your treatment plan and provide a 'fixed fee' quotation in clear, jargon free, language.

The Process - Implant Placement

Treatment will only begin when you are completely comfortable with and fully understand the process and planned outcome. At each stage of your treatment you will be given full explanations of what is proposed and kept 'up to speed' with progress. We pride ourselves on communicating in a clear and friendly manner, our team will do everything they can to ensure that your treatment experience progresses in a calm and predictable fashion.

The Process - After Care

An understanding of how to effectively care for your implants is essential for their long lifespan. We will ensure you are 'fully versed' in all relevant aspects of implant aftercare.

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