What our patients say about us

"I am sending this note of thanks for the marvellous work that you carried out for me last year. I am delighted with the finished appearance and comfort of my implant work. I have to say that the whole experience was anxiety free – you’re a great team!"

A Knight

"The dental issue I had was that one of my teeth broke off at the gum, I had the root out and was left with a gap that could be seen when I smiled (so tried not to smile much). My dentist gave me the options of a plate, crown or implant. I chose the implant option, l am so glad I did the whole experience was good, the only discomfort was having the injections. Everything was explained so there were no surprises and I can now smile with confidence. I would have no reservations about recommending Chris Wood".


''I had a decaying tooth which could not be treated so was extracted. Rather than have an unsightly gap I invested in an implant despite being aged over 70. I now possess a line of even visible teeth from which the implant cannot be detected''.

B N J Speed

''I would lie to say a huge thank you, to you and your team, for the most professional and caring way you dealt with my implant. I knew from the first appointment that I was in good hands. I had decided some time ago that I wanted to have an implant, but I was so nervous about it, which is why I delayed having anything done about my front tooth for so many years. But I can honestly say that apart from a little discomfort for a couple of days whilst my gum healed, I felt no pain at all. The end result is just amazing! At last I can smile with confidence and I can eat normally for the first time in 10 years!  So once again I say 'thank you' and I would say to anyone out there who is thinking of having an implant but who is nervous, go ahead, it's really nothing to worry about!''

C. Smith

"The past week has been life-changing. For 10 years I have been obliged to wear an almost complete top denture. I so hated daily use of that wretched adhesive. Chris and Practice Manager Jane, explained the implant procedure with great patience, so I understood it clearly. The promise of a pain free, well established process, over several months was all too irresistible. My new, light weight yet robust plate, is half the size of the old one. It fits beautifully on the two posts, remains firmly in position and is removed easily. Can anyone spot my new denture? Not at all! It is a supreme work of art, representing the latest technology. But the secret lies in the build and fitting process. My sincere thanks to Chris for his amazing expertise and sense of patient care and to his team at the surgery. Sincere thanks also to the build technicians – those behind the scenes, whom we don’t get to meet."

D. Withnall

''After two years of problems with my tooth (nothing to do with your practice) I had not been looking forward to the procedure, but thanks to Chris Wood, I have found the whole experience a lot less daunting than I ever imagined. Chris explained about all the options I had available in a thorough and informative way. Once I had decided to go ahead he again talked me through all that would be happening at each visit. I would not hesitate to go through the procedure again and would be willing to talk to any other patient who maybe unsure as to go ahead with an implant (I know it helped me by talking to others who had had it done). Anyway, thanks once again for getting rid of the pain and giving back my confidence!

E. Dixon

''At the age of 9, I suffered trauma to my four front teeth due to a nasty accident. At 39, after a lifetime of dental related anxiety, PTSD and self-image problems, I came to Chris Wood. I have always found it difficult to feel at ease with dentists or to trust them.

He is highly skilled and experienced, professional, capable, calm and amusing; the latter two being important skills for defusing anxiety! I felt listened to and he was very gentle.

I had all three remaining incisors and one implant-supported crown removed and replaced with an implant-supported bridge, with a little bone grafting. It had to be carefully designed to fit around the old implant post. This was carried out over a period of roughly nine months, in order to give good healing time in between each stage.

I received excellent service and felt treated like royalty; the result is that I have a happy, confident, and rather beautiful smile, which has changed my life for the better. I won’t be using anyone else, if my family or I need similar treatment in the future, and would highly recommend them to anyone.''

E. Edwards

Dear Chris

Many years ago I lost a previously healthy front tooth during pregnancy and after years of struggling with a bridge, that came loose at times, never completely matched my other front tooth and caused me embarrassment and sensitivity to laugh with friends, or even to just smile into a camera lens, I decided to take the plunge and opt for a dental implant.

Three years on and I have never looked back. The procedure was virtually painless (in my opinion even less so than having a filling!) and the match to my other front tooth appears completely identical. No one would ever know that it wasn’t my own natural tooth. My only regret is that I didn’t have this procedure done many years ago. Having the implant has given me confidence to smile and laugh freely, without fear or sensitivity that people would notice it wasn’t my own tooth. The implant feels like a natural tooth, I look in the mirror and forget that it isn’t ‘real’.

Sincere apologies that it has taken me 3 years to get around to writing my heartfelt thanks for the fantastic dental work you did for me when I came for the implant. You were so kind, reassuring and absolutely brilliant. Should any of your patients be undecided between a bridge or an implant I would not hesitate to say implant.

I am about to loose another tooth and have already asked my dentist to refer me back to you for a second implant. This time, I am not nervous and although understandably sad to loose my natural tooth, know that you will be able to provide me with an identical tooth implant.

Sincere thanks once more to you and all the team at The Old Rectory.


''I had decay behind a veneer that could not be treated. The tooth had to be removed, leaving a visible gap. I decided to have an implant. First I had a bone graft followed by the usual implant procedures, over a period of nine months or so, to allow for thorough healing and gum stability. I now have a lovely smile''.

J. Gibbard

Dear Dr. Wood,

It doesn’t matter where I roam, in Germany or here at home, I must say that my latest dentures have coped well with all adventures, rock-cakes and crackling, toasted cheese, they stood up well to all of these, and when I have to cough, I find, that nowadays they stay behind. They even did when I have sneezed! So, all in all, I’m quite pleased! One thing I may have half resented: my bank account looks somewhat dented, but peering in the looking-glass, I must admit I now got class! So I say with all honesty: Thank you for looking after me!



''Chris was recommended to me for my implant and I could see why.

From the initial consultation I was aware of his kind caring manner. The process was transparent with an itemised quote so I was aware of how long and how much each session would be. His jovial, competent, approachable manner was reassuring and instilled confidence in me for what could have been a very traumatic experience. Whilst I had to travel some distance for the treatment it was worth the journey's for an implant I am very happy with''.


Julie, Oxford

"After loosing two milk teeth at the age of 35, I was referred by my dentist to start the process of two dental implants. Prior to the treatment I was given an initial assessment witch was followed up in writing with a treatment plan. The staff were very friendly and very approachable, they made me feel at ease. I therefore feel very confident to go ahead with the treatment. The treatment was very straightforward. After the surgical side of the treatment there was minimal discomfort, which subsided quickly. Further appointments took place at my convenience at my local dental surgery. The treatment is now complete, the end result is excellent. I cannot praise the staff enough. At all times they were on hand to answer any questions, or see me if I had any concerns."

L Galloway


....'wish I'd done it 10 Years ago!

I recently had an Implant treatment carried out by Chris Wood and his team at The Old Rectory Dental Practice. From the very first appointment, I was treated with the utmost care and professionalism - from the charming receptionists to the dental nurses and of course Chris.

I had been considering implants for some time, I had a bridge and crown made by my previous dentist about 10 years ago; however, this had began to cause me increasing distress when it became detached on many important occasions. I was apprehensive about implants since I knew it was quite a complex, long process. However, I needn't have worried. Chris was extremely reassuring and positive and I felt so safe in his hands. He always explained every stage of the procedure in great detail and made sure I was always comfortable and pain free. Additionally, he was always available to answer any questions night or day, that I may have had about my treatment, which I found extremely reassuring.

The whole process was much quicker than I expected and I am so pleased with the end result. My new teeth are an exact colour match and look really good. But most importantly, I can now eat a nice steak and my favourite Granola without worrying.

Thank you so much Chris and all your team - so glad I took that leap of faith, wish I'd done it 10 years ago!

Maxine Jennings

"Recently my implant treatment was completed at the dental surgery in Buckinghamshire of Chris Wood. Throughout the treatment, I received the utmost care from Chris, Martina and assistant Jane, as well as all the other support staff. I am delighted with the results of their professional skills and highly recommend them to others. Beautiful premises, friendly, welcoming atmosphere in the lovely old Georgian Rectory".


Mr Whittaker

"My local dentist recommended me to Chris Wood because I have a history of gingivitis which led to bone loss and four very loose bottom teeth. After consultation I agreed to a comprehensive treatment compromising removal of four teeth, build-up of bone within the gum, 2 implants with a bridge between. The process was explained clearly, was not hurried, and the treatment has appeared to work perfectly. Martina and Chris answered all my questions patiently, were professional throughout, and I am very happy with the result. I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice".

Mrs J Peace

''I first contacted Chris after researching and visited several providers of dental implants. The initial impression was very good and Chris was very professional, knowledgable and most importantly calm and reassuring. Chris had continued to be calm, patient, professional and reassuring during the many visits I made throughout the treatment. A new teeth was finally implanted and I am very happy with the process and the result. I am returning for a second implant''.

P. Vongsakul

''I'm not normally a nervous patient, but it took me a year to pluck up the courage to finally decide to have my implants. I'm thrilled with the final result and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else considering the procedure. Once  decided to go ahead I was impressed by the planning stages that were in place to guarantee the best possible outcome. On my first appointment (when I arrived very nervous) Chris started the process for four implants and it was pretty much pain free. Chris explained what was happening at each stage, checking that I was not in any discomfort. My mouth was a little tender for a day or two (similar to after a tooth extraction) and I took paracetamol for the following 24 hours. After my second appointment Chris arranged an appointment for me with the technician who would be making the implants. Again, this was very relaxed and friendly and great care was taken to match my natural teeth. After my third and final appointment when the implants were completed I couldn't believe how natural it all felt and thought I might just leek my new teeth to death because it feels (and looks) so marvellous not to be wearing a denture! 

Special thanks to Jane who looked after me so well and to the rest of the staff at the practice. And of course, enormous thanks to Chris!''.


''On reflection of the past year I can not believe how smooth Chris and his team made this process for me and during this time I received excellent treatment for my diagnosed gum disease, which resulted in the extraction of all my uppers teeth. I would like to say that the overall service that was provided by Chris and his dedicated team was outstanding. I felt from the start of my initial diagnosis through to the fitting of my implants that I have been extremely well looked after and been more than delighted with the results''.

R Baker

"I was referred to the Dr Chris Wood for implant surgery. From the outset I was met with kindness and courtesy, and having been extremely nervous of the whole procedure, I found Dr Wood and Martina Pirklova sensitive and extremely reassuring. The procedure was handled with great care, consideration and consummate professionalism. I am delighted with the result and would highly recommend".

R. Mackenzie

"I had a tooth that had an infection at its base. This tooth had much work done and there was little bone left around it. The implant solution is just fine, it feels like any other tooth".

S. Mclean

"I had a cantilever bridge that had to be removed due to the back teeth holding it showing signs of decay. I had an implant fitted to fill a front tooth space. Then I decided to have a back implant fitted after the success of the first one as I disliked wearing a plate for the rear teeth. No one knows that my front tooth is not mine as the match is amazing! The rear implant has meant I do not have to wear a plate."

S. Palmer

"Chris and Martina,

I had my final implants with you 2 weeks ago now and wanted to write and say how delighted I am with them. No “after” problems at all – but unfortunately I am eating more now and rapidly regaining the weight I lost without them!

I have of course bared my teeth at Linda Raybould and she was impressed too. Thank you both for your virtually painless and kind care".


"Following the extraction of a large rear molar, I decided to invest in my first ever implant. Chris Wood was recommended to me by my dentist and with some slight trepidation I paid him a visit to discuss the viability of an implant. Chris talked me through the process, outlining what I should expect if I proceeded and explaining the costs involved. I investigated other options but decided that the implant was the best way forward. Four months after my preliminary consultation, I walked out of the dental surgery with a brand new molar, and less than an hour after that I was enjoying a hearty lunch, as though the new tooth had been with me all my life. Chris and his team provided a professional and caring service and, probably most important to those considering an implant, painless treatment".


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