Single Implant supported tooth

This page contains video testimonials of patients that have chosen dental implant solutions that provide natural and functionally stable replacement of teeth that have been lost due to an accident, infection, tooth decay, failed treatment or gum disease.

Single Implant supported tooth

Patient Story - Mr D

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Mr D was unfortunate enough to have an accident which resulted in the loss of a front tooth.

Following his accident, Mr D was provided with a partial denture. He struggled with speaking which had a significant impact on his confidence.

He came to Dental Implant Solutions to see if he was a suitable candidate for a dental implant to replace his poorly functioning denture.

After a thorough appraisal, which included digital imaging of the site of the missing tooth, he had a dental implant successfully placed and after a short period of healing his implant was restored with a ceramic crown.

He was exceptionally pleased with the outcome, both aesthetically and functionally.

  • Single front tooth lost in an accident
  • Patient unhappy with denture
  • Dismayed at lack of confidence caused by denture
  • Careful planning using the latest digital technology
  • Implant successfully used to support state of the art ceramic tooth
  • Function and aesthetics effectively restored
  • Patient was exceptionally pleased with the outcome

Patient Story - Ms H

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Ms H's loss of teeth has made her very conscious of her appearance and has affected her ability to smile properly.

After concluding that dental implants would be the best natural and stable method to replace her missing teeth, without damaging any of the neighbouring teeth, Ms H decided to come to Dental Implant Solutions to have the procedure done. Two single dental implants were placed and after the short healing period the implants were restored with ceramic crowns.

Ms H was extremely satisfied with the whole process and the outcome as well as the amazing support she received at our practice. She can now smile with confidence.

  • Two missing teeth
  • Patient’s ability to smile naturally was a concern
  • Two single dental implants were placed and both crowns were restored at the same time after a short healing period
  • Function and aesthetics effectively restored
  • Patient was exceptionally pleased with the process and outcome

Patient Story - Ms X

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Ms X having had previous experience with dental implants has decided to come to us for her second implant.

She found her experience at our practice ‘completely professional from start to finish’ and she felt she was in safe hands. The process for Ms X was slightly uncomfortable, but the result was well worth any minor discomfort and her new implant supported tooth feels and functions just like a natural tooth.

  • Patient missing a single tooth
  • Previous experience with dental implants encouraged the patient to come to our practice
  • Following thorough examination and careful planning a single implant was placed
  • Patient found the process and experience completely professional
  • Function and aesthetics effectively restored to provide a feeling of a natural tooth

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