Implant retained overdentures

The videos in this page provide testimonials of the life changing improvements for patients achieved with dental implants used to stabilise their dentures, which has enabled them to speak clearly and has restored their chewing ability. 

Implant retained overdentures

Patient Story - Mr B

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Mr B had struggled for many years with an unstable and poorly functioning partial denture, he thought that he had no alternative but to use denture adhesive for the rest of his life.

Mr B had recently heard about dental implants, and came to the practice for a consultation and advice about whether he was a suitable candidate.

The latest 3-D imaging was used to determine whether he had sufficient bone for a successful implant outcome. After careful planning, two implants were placed and after a short period of healing, using the latest advances in dental technology an implant retained denture was fitted.

Mr B could not believe how this transformed his ability to chew and speak clearly. He wished he had done it many years previously.

  • Loose, unstable and embarrassing dentures can often be replaced with as few as two dental implants
  • A cost effective solution providing dramatic improvements in dental function
  • New advances allow mini or narrow implants to be used for patients with reduced amounts of bone
  • Existing dentures can be used and fixed to implants to provide an economical result

Patient Story - Mr S

Download Video: "MP4"

Mr S was very concerned that he was loosing his teeth through gum disease. He was anxious that he would not feel confident with a conventional denture. He came to see Chris looking for a solution which would enable him to feel confident about the appearance and function of his teeth. 

Mr S' failing teeth were carefully removed and after a short healing period, implants were accurately positioned with the aid of latest 3D digital imaging. Specially designed implant overdentures were securely fixed onto the implants.

Mr S is ‘over the moon’ with the outcome. He thought that he would never feel confident and comfortable with his teeth again.

  • Teeth lost through gum disease
  • 3 dental implants used in each jaw
  • ‘Press stud’ attachments secure removable ‘slimline’ denture for optimal comfort and stability

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