Implant retained bridge

Our patients in the video testimonials on this page explain how implant retained bridges have proved to be the best possible solution to their failing conventional bridges and compromised chewing ability due to loss of chewing teeth.

Implant retained bridge

Patient Story - Mrs J

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Mrs J’s existing bridge was beginning to feel loose so she visited her dentist. Her dentist explained that the teeth that supported the bridge were failing. Her options were to renew the bridge or replace it with an implant supported bridge.

She had a consultation with Chris to get his expert advice. After a thorough examination including advanced digital imaging, Chris explained his findings. Chris gave Mrs J full details of the risks and benefits of each option. She chose to go ahead with an implant as the most stable and long-lasting solution. Chris ensured Mrs J knew exactly what to expect from her treatment. Her implant support bridge was fitted within a few months, much to her delight.

  • A failing bridge often results in the loss of one or more support teeth
  • A larger bridge, a denture or an implant solution are generally the alternatives available
  • A replacement bridge requires destruction of healthy tooth tissue and the larger the bridge the shorter its predicted lifespan.
  • A conventional denture is a quick and relatively inexpensive solution, but will not feel or function like natural teeth
  • An implant supported bridge using 2 or more implants can reconstruct several missing teeth in a very stable and predictable manner and can feel just like the natural teeth it replaces.

Patient Story - Ms C

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Ms C’ loss of several adjacent top molars has affected her ability to eat properly for many years, but was reluctant to wear a conventional denture because of her understanding of the discomfort they can cause. When Ms C heard about dental implants she came for a free consultation with Chris to find out more about the process and her suitability and she found that they would be the best possible longterm solution for her missing molars. After a thorough appraisal, which included digital imaging of the implant sites, an implant supported bridge was placed. The process and the end result have proven to be ‘a big success.

  • Several adjacent top molars missing
  • Chewing ability is being compromised as a consequence
  • Chewing function is transferred on to the front teeth that can lead to their premature failure Patient dismissed the option of wearing a conventional denture as uncomfortable
  • During the free consultation with Chris the treatment plan and stages were explained in details
  • An implant supported bridge using 2 implants was used to reconstruct the missing teeth in a very stable and predictable manner and restore the natural function of the remaining teeth in the mouth
  • Patient was extremely pleased with the outcome she previously presumed ‘unachievable’

Patient Story - Mr M

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A series of failed teeth left Mr M with poor chewing ability on one side of his mouth. Mr M was initially apprehensive about having dental implants. Never the less, he found the procedure pain free and less intrusive than having a simple dental filling!

Thorough assessment and accurate 3D digital planning allowed reconstruction of natural chewing ability with two implants and a fixed bridge. He was kept informed during each stage of the process which was reassuring for the patient.

The whole experience has given the patient confidence that dental implants are the way forward should he need more in the future. 

  • Multiple missing molars
  • State of the art digital imaging used for pin point accuracy
  • 2 carefully positioned implants can restore several missing teeth
  • The solution allowed completely natural re-construction of chewing function
  • No need for bulky and uncomfortable dentures

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