Why you should have your dental implants fitted in the UK

In March last year we published a blog called ‘Why dental implants in the UK and not abroad?’ We briefly covered the main reasons why patients should be having their dental implants fitted in the UK, rather than abroad.


We still feel very strongly about the subject and thought we should address two more issues with dental tourism.

What happens when your dental implant surgery goes wrong once back in the UK?

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the numbers of implant patients seeking our expertise for remedial treatment when their dental implants have developed complications. When complications arise, remedial treatments can be time consuming, technically demanding and therefore quite expensive for you.

You should ask yourself, if you were unfortunate enough to be one of the patients who develop complications, how would they be remedied if your implant practitioners were overseas? A growing proportion of the corrective cases we have treated at Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions have been dental implants placed overseas as examples of dental tourism in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Success rates for dental implant treatments in the UK remains very high with our own practices’ current statistics showing a 99% success rate over a 12-year period.

Clear communication with dental implants in the UK

Another key factor when opting for dental implants in the UK is the communication process involved.

Individuals who seek treatment abroad often struggle with the language barrier placed between themselves and the Implantologist. By having your implants done in the UK, you can guarantee clear communication and efficient support if anything was to go wrong.

With a tailor-made plan for all of his patients, Chris is able to talk to each individual on a personal level about the implant process specifically adapted for their needs.

When opting for dental implants in the UK, it is important to consider that although the initial cost of treatment may be higher than what you would pay abroad, the quality of materials, the longevity, success rate and aftercare of the implant can be assured at our practice.

If you would like to find out more about the range of treatments we offer at Chris Wood Dental Implants Solutions and their affordability, please contact us here.