Why dental implants in the UK and not abroad?

Some people say they can’t afford to pay for dental implants in the UK as they’re too expensive. We wonder if people can really afford not to have their treatments carried out in the UK.

‘Dental tourism' is a growing phenomenon, with many people travelling abroad to take advantage of the relatively low-cost dental treatments available.


There are even search engines that provide information for customers considering travelling abroad instead of having dental implants in the UK. Going abroad can cut a dental bill by 70% compared with the cost of treatment for dental implants in the UK – but that’s before flights and accommodation are added on.

What are the risks of getting dental implants aboard?

There are no official statistics on the number of people traveling abroad, and if you have decided not to have your treatment for dental implants in the UK and opted to go abroad instead, you should be aware of the potential risks:

Communication - sometimes agencies abroad will try to describe every aspect of the treatment as being a problem - free. Patients will take a leap into the unknown and risk potential disappointment.

Standards of care and the relationship between patient and dentist may be different from what you would expect if you have your dental implants placed in the UK.

When people seek follow-up care for their dental implants in the UK, it can be very difficult for dentists to treat them if they don't have full documentation about the way procedures were carried out and the materials and implant components used. Completing your treatment for dental implants in the UK would eliminate this concern.

You might need to have several separate visits, whether you are going to have the treatment for dental implants in the UK or abroad and these expenses need to be calculated within the costs.

Dental implants in the UK are affordable. Many dentists, including ourselves, offer interest free payment plans. The cost of your treatment can be broken down into an agreed number of monthly payments.

We all know that even with the best of intentions, treatments don’t always go to plan. Would you be prepared to go abroad again if things go wrong? Having your treatment for dental implants in the UK means that you will always have the availability of quality aftercare.

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