The Importance of Implant Aftercare

The Importance of Implant Aftercare

Now that you are enjoying crunching into that crispy apple, choosing whatever you wish from the restaurant menu and smiling with the new found confidence which your dental implants have brought, it’s worth taking a few moments to check that you fully understand the most effective way of caring for your investment.


The area between your implants or between your implants and the adjacent natural teeth should also be cleaned with a suitably sized interproximal or bottle brush. We generally recommend Tepe brushes which can be bought in various sizes. When you have your implants fitted, Chris will show you which brush size you need.

You should have your implant teeth checked as regularly as your natural teeth, generally once a year as a minimum, but more often if you have a higher risk of dental disease.

Regular visits to the hygienist to check that you are cleaning effectively will pay dividends in terms of the lifespan of your implants.

If you notice bleeding from the gum around your implant or an unpleasant taste coming from an implant, then a visit to the dentist or hygienist will identify any problems early.

Now you are enjoying the benefits of your dental implants, don’t scrimp on the small amount of time it takes to care for them effectively!