Introducing our teeth in a day procedure

Teeth in a day is one of the most up to date techniques used in implant dentistry and refers to the process where patients can have implants placed and fully functioning teeth attached in the space of one day.


The three stages of the procedure

In stage one of the teeth in a day procedure, a 3D image of the patient’s jaw is created using the latest digital technology. This is utilised to enhance the safety and accuracy of the planning process. The 3D model created allows us to complete the surgery ‘virtually’ before treating the patient and carefully pre-plan implant and tooth positions. Impressions are taken of the mouth, together with a bite registration enabling us to create the replacement teeth in advance of the surgery.

In stage two the titanium implants are carefully placed in the jaw and the pre-fabricated teeth are attached to the implants. The patient can return home with their newly fitted long term temporary implant supported teeth, concluding the process of teeth in a day.

In the last stage of the teeth in a day process a review is conducted to evaluate the fit and comfort of the new implant supported teeth and whether a replacement bridge may be needed in the longer term. We also provide thorough aftercare advice on the cleaning and maintenance of the new implant restoration.

The benefits of teeth in a day

The teeth in a day technique provides improved quality of life as it delivers teeth which are securely fitted, enabling ease of speech and eating, along with the aesthetics of a beautiful smile.

In addition, the process decreases the amount of appointments needed in surgery, thus proving popular with individuals who lead a busy lifestyle.

The teeth in a day process decreases oral discomfort, as the procedure is completed quickly, permitting a faster healing period whilst removing the need to wear interim dentures.

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