Problems that can occur with dental implants & remedial treatment

Dental implants are generally recognised as the modern way to replace failing or missing teeth. Undoubtedly, success rates are high, but as with any procedure involving a medical device, complications are a possibility. How successfully cases with implant complications are resolved will depend on the experience and expertise of your implant dentist.

Dental implant complications can be categorised into three groups:


1. Early failure caused by wound infection equates to approximately 1% of complications. The infection rate can be minimised by employing correct surgical protocols, using antibiotics responsibly and careful patient selection and preparation.
2. Late failure, or peri-implant disease, is caused by progressive failure of the bone attachment to the implant surface. At Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions, we are constantly engaged in the application of new technologies to treat this cause of failure.
3. Complications involving the structure of the teeth being supported by dental implants. The mouth is a very challenging environment and all types of tooth restoration are subject to wear and tear.

As our practice is solely dedicated to the delivery of dental implant solutions, we are best placed to deal with complications, should they arise; providing remedial dental implant treatment. Our infection rate is exceptionally low (less than 0.25%) and our failure rate is also well below the industry norm (1%). We are achieving great success with innovative treatments for peri-implant disease.

What to do if you have dental implant complications

Should you be unfortunate enough to experience an implant failure within the first 5 years, the cost of remedial dental implant treatment will be covered by us (excluding implant components). Any failure of the implant supported tooth is covered by a 5-year laboratory guarantee.

If you have gone abroad for your dental implants or are unhappy with the dentist that fitted your implants, we would be happy to support you and give you some advice. Remedial dental implant treatment should be provided by a specialist in the field and that we most certainly are.

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