Our first study group of 2019

It’s been an exciting February here at Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions as we hosted four of our referring dentists and representatives from both Anthogyr and Morrison Aesthetics at our first 2019 study group. Ensuring that the dentists we work with are kept up-to-date and provided opportunities to see new equipment in action is a key element of the support we provide.

We were privileged to gain glowing testimonials from attendees praising Chris’ commitment to staying abreast of new technologies to his ability to explain complex procedures to patients. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing these testimonials on our YouTube, click below to hear what Miriam Vivian has to say about Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions:

Having recently transitioned to a new dental implant system with the support of Anthogyr, we invited our referring dentists to attend the study group and showcase the system, Axiom®. With demonstrations that helped dentists gain hands-on experience and an opportunity to ask questions on possible scenarios when restoring – the session was informative and showed just how easy Axiom is to use.

After the success of our first study group, we’re now looking forward to holding further sessions that focus on knowledge sharing and discussing the latest developments in implant dentistry. As a referring dentist with Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions, you’ll not only gain an additional revenue stream but will also have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and develop your in-house expertise through our study groups and training sessions. Find out more here.

About Anthogyr

Anthogyr designs, manufactures and distributes a range of prosthetic applications which help support dentists treat patients across the world. Chris was lucky enough to visit the Anthogyr manufacturing and research and development facility in France and had the following to say about his trip:

“It was a pleasure to visit the Anthogyr France facility and experience their impressive set up for myself. We’re so excited to have the support of Anthogyr in adding value to our referring dentists through study groups.”

About the Axiom dental system

What's unique to Anthogyr is their new inLink® connection locking system built into the CAD-CAM Simeda® prosthesis. The inLink® Axiom® Multi Level® solution features a fixation lock and a retaining ring in specially machined housing.

The benefits to inLink® connection:

  • Ability to adjust for extreme axis divergence in implants
  • Optimised screw channel height with free Angulated Access from 0° to 25°
  • No abutment for Axiom® TL, straight inLink® abutment only for Axiom® BL
  • CAD-CAM Simeda® prostheses with built-in locks and quick screwing
  • Proven mechanical durability of locks