New bone grafting technique developed

Implant dentistry is the fastest growing branch of modern dentistry with new techniques and products constantly coming on the market. At dental implant solutions we are always on the look out for ways of making implant dentistry more accessible and available for those people challenged by poor dental function or appearance.


Many people come to see us with the hope that implants will transform their comfort and confidence. For those who lost teeth many years ago, we are often challenged by the natural bone shrinkage which occurs following tooth loss. We have long had techniques for building up lost bone structure, but these were often invasive and uncomfortable procedures.

With developments in digital imaging technology combined with innovative surgery Botiss Bone Builder (R) allows us to take a 3D xray (CT scan) of the affected area, design an ideal shape of bone required, order from a bone bank and position in the jaw to provide the ideal shape of bone required to support implants and replace missing teeth in those patients who previously may not have benefited from the 'life changing' benefits which dental implants can provide.

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