More about our teeth in a day procedure

At Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions, we use a process referred to as ‘teeth in a day’. We are now able to provide our patients with an innovative technique that allows for the creation of durable and functioning teeth attached to implants on the same day that the implants are placed.

How does the procedure work?

Initially patients are screened with a low radiation cone beam CT scan to test their suitability for the teeth in a day treatment. Following this, the implants are positioned and a titanium framework is fabricated and fixed to the implants. This framework provides rigid stability for the implants at the same time as supporting the tooth restoration and allowing immediate function and tooth replacement.

What are the advantages of ‘teeth in a day’?

The main advantage of undergoing the ‘teeth in a day’ process is the significant reduction in treatment time and eradication of the need to wear a potentially uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing temporary denture.

What do our patients think?

This month we have been able to bring a smile back to a patient who had struggled to wear a denture so much that he preferred to face the world without teeth!
We suggested he consider the ‘teeth in a day’ solution as we felt this would appeal to him on the grounds that it would immediately resolve a long-term problem of confidence and reduce the number of visits he would need to make to the practice, as he lived far away.

With the aid of a highly skilled dental technician providing expert technical support throughout the procedure and their expert eye to ensure a natural appearance was achieved, the patient left the surgery delighted.
Our patient has kindly allowed us to share before and after images of his surgery as he was so pleased with his final result (please see below).


If you would like your smile restored but are pressured for time, please contact us for full details on the ‘teeth in a day’ process.