How Dental Implants can be used to replace teeth lost in an accident

Case Summary. A middle aged gentleman was advised to visit Dr Chris Wood after falling over in the bath and knocking out two front teeth. He was upset at the thought of wearing a ‘wobbly plastic plate’ for the rest of his life. Chris followed the normal procedures of examination, diagnosis and treatment planning, followed by provision of two implant supported ceramic crowns. Mr D’s confidence was restored, it now felt like he had his own teeth back again.

A simple, but unfortunate slip in the bath, resulted in two front teeth being knocked clean out. Mr D a healthy, middle aged man had an accident in the bathroom which resulted in a trip to the local accident and emergency department to check that no further damage had been done. He was minus two front teeth, had a sore mouth, a thick lip and hurt pride. A few days later the NHS emergency clinic provided a temporary removable denture. His looks were restored, but his speech was badly affected and his confidence severely dented. He couldn’t taste his food and the denture moved around as he spoke. He grew increasingly despondent, thinking that he would face these challenges for the rest of his life. A friend suggested that he should visit Chris.

At the free consultation, Chris provided a thorough examination and X-rays, confirmed that Mr D’s mouth was otherwise healthy and discussed all the possible treatment solutions. A plan was drawn up to provide two dental implants with ceramic crowns.

Treatment progressed smoothly, the implants healed well with minimal post treatment discomfort. 8 weeks later, temporary teeth were fitted to the implants to test appearances and function. Following a meeting with our dental technician to discuss the final tooth colour and shape, an impression was taken and the finished ceramic crowns were designed and fitted.

Mr D was so pleased to discard his wobbly denture, his speech, taste and confidence were restored. He can now eat, smile and enjoy his food exactly the same as he could with his own natural teeth.

‘I couldn’t believe how losing my front teeth knocked my confidence, but the treatment progressed smoothly and efficiently and I’m so pleased with the end result’

Technical data. Mr D, was provided with x2 Ankyloss 3.5x11mm implants 8 weeks after traumatic avulsion of teeth 21 and 22. A further 8 weeks after implant placement, fixture head impressions using an open tray technique were taken and abutments fitted and initially restored with provisional crowns which were worn for a month. Final impressions of Cerec Zirconia copings fitted onto the abutments recorded the healed gingival contour and two Cerec Zirconia / Porcelain bonded restorations cemented into place.