Providing dental implants in Oxfordshire and beyond

Over the last decade Chris has worked hard to build relationships with local dentists, and has shared the high quality and standard of his dental implant knowledge. The mutual respect and close cooperation enables us to provide patients with a tailor made treatment plan in practices across the UK; ensuring they receive the best possible dental solution.

Chris frequently runs customised training programmes and study groups throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. At these events Chris shares his knowledge on dental implantology and gives the practitioners a clearer insight into the benefits of the treatments he provides.


As well as sharing his knowledge in the industry, Chris offers free no obligation consultations to all of his patients. Usually at his surgery in Newton Purcell, however, in some instances Chris carries out his consultations in other practices. By taking his services to referring practices, he is able to put the patient at ease, by explaining the treatment plan in their local dental surgery.

To find out if Chris works at a surgery near you take a look at where we work.

Chris receives referrals for dental implants from several dental practitioners in Oxfordshire; practices based in Bicester, Oxford, Wheatley, Thame, Witney and Woodstock. He also works with practitioners on dental implants cases from practices near Aylesbury and in Brackley.

For cases involving complex challenges, Chris has worked in conjunction with Eynsham Dental Care. For the practices that already have implantologists, Chris shares his expertise to resolve more complicated cases, as well as remedial treatment for cases of Peri-implant disease.

Renowned for their friendly and professional services, Chris works with these practitioners to offer his extensive knowledge in dental implantology, ensuring their patients understand the potential benefits such a treatment could have on improving their quality of life.

For further information on where we can offer dental implants in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, or to book your free ‘no-obligation consultation at one of our practices, contact us today.