Four advantages of having a dental implant bridge

If you have more than one missing tooth, the best option may be a dental implant bridge. Often this process is used when an individual is missing several teeth. The dental implant bridge can be placed to improve chewing function, remove the need for wearing uncomfortable dentures and improve appearances.

To help you decide if a dental implant bridge is the correct procedure for you, we have put together four of the main advantages:

A bridge will preserve your remaining teeth

A cost effective way of ensuring your remaining teeth are preserved and your chewing function is restored, is to have a dental implant bridge as it reduces the quantity of implants needed.If you have lost several teeth, your ability to chew will be significantly compromised. This can lead to increased pressure on your remaining teeth which could ultimately result in their premature failure.

A bridge will eliminate issues with altered speech

The loss of teeth can often lead to an impaired speech pattern and the inability to pronounce words clearly. A dental implant bridge can solve this issue as it is permanently fixed in your mouth, offering a feeling of security and the sensation of natural teeth.

The process is available for patients who have insufficient bone in the jaw

In some cases, there is not enough jawbone to support an implant. A dental implant bridge can resolve this issue as single tooth implants can be placed in the ‘tooth gaps’ and a bridge is then fixed to these. Allowing for a full set of teeth with minimum impact on the jawbone and the minimal use of implants.

A dental implant bridge offers more support than a traditional denture

Unlike a traditional denture, a dental implant bridge is permanently fixed in place so there is no need to remove it for the purpose of cleaning. In addition to this, it feels and functions like natural teeth, ensuring there is no discomfort from movement often associated with traditional dentures.

A dental implant bridge has the most predictable long-term outcome. If you think this could be an option for you, please contact us here to speak to our implant coordinator about a free, no-obligation, consultation.