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Curious about ‘Teeth in a Day’?

Tuesday, April 06, 2021 Chris Wood

Audley Dental Solutions’ Principal Dental Surgeon, Dr Chris Wood, explains more about this latest technique in implant dentistry and how it can help you feel more confident with your smile in just one day.

By Dr Chris Wood


What if I told you that our team at Audley Dental Solutions could transform your problem teeth into a beautiful smile all in the space of a day? Not only that, but the entire process would require fewer visits to the practice, and your recovery would be quicker and less painful, than more conventional surgery.

It might sound too good to be true, but we’re delighted to tell you that our ‘Same Day Teeth’ treatment really does just that.

Replacement teeth in just one day

Our ‘Teeth in a day’ treatment is one of the most up to date techniques used in modern dentistry. An individual tooth, or multiple failing teeth, are removed in the morning and implants immediately inserted into the empty sockets. In the case of an individual tooth a temporary crown is then fitted, or, if you have multiple teeth removed a set of new teeth is created that day by our on-site technician and fitted the same afternoon.

Not only is the procedure completed the same day, it decreases the number of overall visits needed and reduces the amount of oral discomfort patients experience afterwards, as healing is accelerated without the need for interim dentures.

Putting you at the centre of your care

Any form of dental implant treatment, whether it’s one tooth, multiple teeth, or your whole jaw, is a big decision. We also know that when it comes to treatment, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. I have been specialising in implant dentistry for the last 18 years and have placed and restored well over 3000 implants in that time. Every patient presents with their own unique set of needs. Many have experienced problems with their teeth for some time, due to gum disease, previous dental work failing or neglect as the result of a hectic lifestyle. That’s why we always take the time to talk through the options with you and decide together which one is best suited to your needs.

Often, we will have been seeing patients for a number of months before the procedure is carried out, discussing and preparing for treatment, taking medical and dental histories, x-rays and undertaking a full examination. We also offer support with dental hygiene sessions to ensure the gums are as healthy as possible before the procedure, helping to minimise a risk of complications.

“I’ve decided the ‘Same Day’ service is for me. What can I expect?”

With every patient, the first step, in advance of the day of the procedure, is to carry out a detailed examination using our state-of-the-art intraoral scanner. Working with these images avoids the need to make actual impressions of your teeth, something most patients find thoroughly uncomfortable. A 3D CT scan of your jaws will follow, to ensure the final procedure is much safer and more accurate as the images help us evaluate your bone density and quality in more detail and carefully plan the most optimal implant positions, essentially carrying out a ‘virtual’ run through of the procedure in advance.

“What happens on the day?”

Our aim is always to make you feel as comfortable and reassured as possible, which is why we have a dedicated team of implant dentists, nurses and our dental technician who will look after you throughout the day.

Once you’re settled in, the first part of the process is to remove the failing teeth. As soon as that is complete, titanium implants are inserted into the empty sockets and the connecting elements are fused together. Joining the implants together in this way strengthens them and creates a rigid frame which the teeth can then be placed onto. In fact, the frame is so rigid that you could bite on it that day (although we don’t advise crunching into an apple straight away)!

While this takes place, our on-site dental technician will create the set of new teeth, which are then added straight on to the frame in the afternoon. After the fitting, we x-ray the implants to make sure everything looks fine and then talk to you about the aftercare process, before sending you home.

The importance of aftercare

As well as a course of antibiotics, to prevent infection, we recommend over-the-counter painkillers at regular intervals for the two weeks. You will need to avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours and may experience some post-operative swelling or bruising, but most of our patients make a very quick recovery. In addition, you will need to stick to soft foods for the first week to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the new implants and we will provide you with an antiseptic mouthwash to use after eating.

A week later, you’ll return to the practice in order for us to review the comfort and fit of the implants and talk through in more detail how to thoroughly clean your new teeth.

Getting it ‘just right’

Over the next three to four months, you will have a chance to ‘test drive’ your teeth and come back to us with comments and we will ensure that the fit and aesthetics of your final teeth work for you. If necessary, we can adapt the shape and shade of the teeth further still and develop a final set of teeth so you have exactly the look you want. It’s important to us, and to you, that your smile is just right.

You will head home with a maintenance plan and a schedule for your next dental appointment, again this is something that we will tailor to your own personal situation and risk factors. The implants will then be reviewed on an annual basis by one of our implant dentists.

Ready to find out more?

Securely fitted teeth really can make a huge difference to both your quality of life. Important aspects such as speech and eating instantly becoming much easier. Many patients tell us their new teeth gives a welcome boost to their self-esteem, giving them the confidence to smile again.