Endodontics & Root Canal Treatment

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Endodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the tooth root. It prevents infection, relieves pain, and preserves teeth. At Audley Dental Solutions, our in-house Endodontist, Dr Jose Alberto Garcia with extensive experience in complex root canal treatments whilst maintaining the utmost comfort for patients.

What is root canal treatment and why you might need one?

Teeth look like hard, solid substances, but they are really a complex system of tissues. When the centre of the tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment can help avoid having to remove the tooth completely.

Bacteria in the mouth works its way into the centre of the tooth because of decay or fillings which become infected or after an accident that involves hitting your teeth. If you have toothache and do not see a dentist because you think it has gone away, it is still possibly working its way through your tooth, later causing the need for root canal treatment. It is always recommended that you see your dentist whenever pain is experienced to help protect your teeth.


What’s involved in the treatment process?

Endodontic treatment is a way of saving your tooth. It is a complex procedure, usually split over two appointments - two to three weeks apart. You will have a full or partial crown or other restoration placed on the tooth to protect it from fracture and restore it to full function.

Your tooth may need to be examined periodically, usually after 12 months, to make sure the tissue around the tip of the roots has healed or is healing properly.

Occasionally a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment fails to heal or pain continues despite therapy and may require re-treatment; this can occur with any dental or medical procedure.

The benefits of endodontic treatment

  • Repair damage without needing to remove the tooth
  • Treat or prevent infection
  • Relieve pain

Why choose Audley Dental Solutions for your endodontic and root canal treatment

Our team of qualified Endodontists, Registered Specialist Dentists, Dental Implant Surgeons, Dental Nurses and Hygienists are all highly qualified and experienced in these procedures.

Dr Jose Alberto Garcia is our in-house Endodontist, with a special interest in this field. He has extensive experience in carrying out complex root canal treatments with precision while maintaining the utmost comfort for patients undergoing the procedure.

As endodontic treatments are often met with anxiety from patients, Alberto offers empathy and understanding to ensure patients are put at ease, and the process is completed as smoothly and painlessly as possible. With the end result preventing infection, relieving pain, and preserving teeth.

Our state of the art practice based just outside of Bicester in the beautiful village of Stratton Audley is equipped with the latest technology, including a cutting-edge Dental CT scanner.

Patient care is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal as a dental practice is to deliver a high level of expertise, compassion and care alongside getting you the results from treatment that you want. Our patients, many of whom have been visiting us for years, tell us that’s why they wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Initial consultation costs £95 and treatment prices start from £600.

We offer our patients a flexible way to pay for their treatment using our Audley Dental Finance Scheme. This breaks the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments.

Our fees are not the cheapest, but we guarantee to use the most advanced methods for planning your surgery, to use our extensive surgical expertise and to employ only the best materials and products to provide you with high quality, predictable implant solution.

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